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NCAA: No Senior Day Comeback for Roe


The NCAA has put a stop to a feel-good story at Michigan State, which was considering playing retired power forward Delvon Roe on Sunday’s Senior Day against Ohio State. reported Thursday that Roe - who had to cut his college hoops career short because of a degenerative knee - is ineligible for a one-game cameo for the Spartans. According to the report, Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo suggested that Roe’s professional acting career violates amateurism rules.

“I think he deserved it,” Izzo told the web site about Roe playing in the game. “I’m sure I would have done it because I appreciate the kid, but we can’t do it.”

Roe averaged 6.1 points and 5.0 rebounds as a junior. He was a member of two Final Four teams with the Spartans but never was able to blossom due to the knee before calling it quits prior to his senior season.

Either way, Izzo said in the report that the school will honor Roe in some fashion on Senior Day. The coach reportedly will call the NCAA to find out what would be allowed.


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