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MJ’s Chicago House Selling for $29M


Move over Joe Montana because Michael Jordan’s mansion located in Highland Park, IL, is on the market for $29 million. And as expected, it’s awesome.

Thanks to the Big Lead, which did all the grunt work in finding the details, you can click the link below to view the listing for the home in which the G.O.A.T. raised his family, which includes current UCF hoops star Marcus Jordan. Apparently the elder Jordan no longer needs the home now that he’s the majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, divorced from former wife Juanita and all three children in college.

Some details via the listing: It has nine bedrooms, 15 baths and sits on seven acres of land. It also has a full-sized indoor basketball court, tennis courts, massive “23” on the front gate and an exterior that looks like you are entering a swanky hotel.

But it only has a one-car garage. We’d imagine MJ preferred a chauffeur, anyway. Michael Jordan profile

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All photos courtesy of Baird & Warner and John S. Eckert Photography.

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