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New UNC AD Wants 128-Team Tourney


New North Carolina athletic director Bubba Cunningham, despite his powerhouse basketball program, is supporting the little guys.

Cunningham told the Charlotte Observer on Monday that he would like to see the NCAA tournament field expand possibly to a 128-team field, which he said has been something of which he has “generally been a proponent” for years.

“I think the first 64 games should be played at on-campus sites, but I think it could come about eventually,” Cunningham said, according to the newspaper. “When you have 348 teams trying to get what is now 68 places in the tournament, the odds are pretty long for a lot of teams. There are teams that don’t have a great deal of hope.”

Hey, Bubba, why even have the regular season if nearly half the teams in Division I basketball make it to March Madness?

We agree that it’s tough for some schools - especially those in one-bid leagues - to make it to tourney time, but we think that’s a good thing. It increases the Cinderella nature of the sport’s biggest month when longshot teams actually do make it to the dance.

The tournament expanded to 64 teams in 1985 and recently has ballooned to 68. In our opinion, a 128-team field - even if it does provide a higher percentage of teams in postseason play like some professional sports - would be a horrible idea

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