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Fans Rush Court, Cost Own Team Game


There have been some odd happenings in college basketball this season, including Florida being assessed a technical foul for dunking in the layup line prior to Saturday’s loss to Georgia. But we think that Monday’s game between Morgan State and Delaware State takes the cake.

Delaware State was hit with a technical after Tahj Tate’s follow dunk gave his team a one-point lead and caused fans to storm the court thinking the game was over. However, there was 1.1 remaining on the clock, which meant that Delaware State’s fans and players were penalized for their premature celebration after coming back from 17 down at the half.

Aric Brooks hit two free throws after a controversial delay of game technical foul just before the buzzer to provide Morgan State with a 73-72 victory over Delaware State.

“I feel like we was cheated,” Tate (pictured) said afterward to USA Today. “They said the tech was for our bench for rushing the floor, but I didn’t see it.”

Poor grammar aside, we agree with Tate.

We understand that the referees are following the letter of the law. But how about a warning before you decide a game for something that was done without malicious intent?

Check out the agonizing play-by-play radio call below.


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