OU Assistant Tweets NCAA Violation?


Oklahoma offensive assistant coach Jay Norvell is known for being a good recruiter. However, his savvy with social media leaves a lot to be desired.

Instead of sending direct messages - which are private - to recruits on Twitter, Norvell tweeted at the players’ accounts for public consumption, which also could be a potential minor NCAA violation.

Props to SB Nation for the following example - and the below screen grabs of the since-deleted tweets - of Norvell tweeting at Rashaad Samples, a wide receiver recruit from Skyline High School in Dallas.

Norvell tweeted: “@10justscoredThis is Coach Jay Norvell from Oklahoma. Cel (405) 431-9954 Would like to offer you a Full Scholarship to Oklahoma. Call me!”


As you can see below, Norvell sent similar tweets to a host of prospects. And as SB Nation pointed out, Norvell is going to need a new phone number after this fiasco.

[SB Nation]

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