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Lobo G Takes Epic Basketball to Face


We have all been there before, even in pickup basketball, when a ball is heading out of bounds and you need to save it all costs.

While executing that desperation save, you want to retain possession. And sometimes you need to throw the ball off an opponent to make that happen.

But on Wednesday night during New Mexico’s 77-67 upset victory over San Diego State, the Aztecs’ Jamal Franklin saved possession by pegging the Lobos’ Phillip McDonald… in the face ... really hard.

Franklin (below) received a technical foul, even if he really didn’t deserve one. And McDonald took one to the face, even if he didn’t deserve it, either. You make recall this happening in 2008 when Washington’s Tim Morris nailed UCLA’s Alfred Aboya in the face but received no technical.

Click the link below for the video.

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