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‘Bama Photo-Bomber Goes Viral on Web


The wacky, bug-eyed face of Alabama student Jack Blankenship, who executed the greatest photo bomb of all time during Alabama’s loss against Florida on Tuesday, has gone viral.

Blankenship made an odd face while holding up a sign with the exact same face on it. Now he’s getting calls from ESPN and bloggers from across the country as his face has spread like wildfire. A screen grab of Blankenship currently has 685,000 views after he attended only his second Crimson Tide basketball game.

When reached for comment, he told Alabama.com on Wednesday: “I saw that some of the other guys were making these big cut-outs of Tony Mitchell and JaMychal Green and even some celebrities too like Betty White and Zach Galifianakis.

“I figured it would be funny if I made one of myself. That face I’m making is just an inside joke that me and some of my high school friends had and it’s fun for them to see me making that face on national TV now.”

Blankenship graduated from a Tuscaloosa high school last year and is a freshman at the university, meaning we have three more years of “the face” to look forward to. You can also follow Blankenship, an aspiring comedian, on Twitter at @jack_____enship (get it?).

The face even prompted ESPN2 announcer Pam Ward earlier this month to say the following: “This guy ... who does that? I mean, who makes a picture of themselves?” Ward asked.

The answer: A guy whose funny face is kooky enough to make national news.


Photo via Birmingham News

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