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‘FNL’ Movie to Be Based on Mike Leach?


Fans of “Friday Night Lights,” the show focused on the melodrama surrounding high school football in Texas, can take solace that there may be a movie version in the works.

And the script might be based on former Texas Tech and current Washington State coach Mike Leach.

“(Jason Katims) has come up with a really great storyline that parallels what happened to Mike Leach, one of my heroes, a coach at Texas Tech who was unjustly fired and unjustly accused of mistreating a player with a concussion, which was proven to not have been the case,” director Peter Berg told MTV.

“He’s now at Washington State getting ready for what I think will be a great redemption story.”

If another movie comes to fruition- there already was a film by the same name - it would be amazing for college football fans and “FNL” fans. Leach had a cameo in the TV version in which the former Red Raiders coach told Eric Taylor he had “lost his inner-pirate.”

No word on how pirates will be woven into the storyline.


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