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KSU’s Frank Martin Bans Own Swearing


Coach Frank Martin is trying to stop swearing and thinks you should, too, Kansas State fans.

The school wants to stop its fans from using chants that contain profanity - like those directed at Kansas - and can’t make that request if the volatile Martin drops f-bombs on the sideline.

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In a letter last Thursday from Martin to K-State fans, the coach said in part: “None of us are perfect. I continue to work at correcting the mistakes I have made. Moreover, I have done things I wish I could take back. However, in life you can’t go backwards but you can always get better from the lessons.

“One thing that I have worked hard at improving is the language that I use at games and eliminating these moments. I cannot allow my competitiveness to blind me from the fact that I represent you, the great students of a university of higher education. As a father, and an educator, there is no place for this at any event in which I am representing K-State.”

Fans had replaced their “K-S-U” chant with “F***, KU.” That type of behavior didn’t change dramatically during Monday night’s meeting between the teams.

As for Martin, there are certainly plenty of cynics considering that Martin was seen earlier this seen screaming, “What are you f*** doing?!” on national TV but Martin is going to give it a go, if for no other reason than to avoid hypocrisy.

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