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Kindergarten Kansas St. Fan Causes Stir


The Kansas-Kansas State rivalry even has made a kindergarten class heated.

Click the link below to read the blog of Julie Burton, an Olathe, KS, mother who writes what she describes a “stay-at-home mommy blog” - needless to say, not something that one would think could stir up the Internet.

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However, Burton’s blog now has gone viral thanks to her daughter, Emma, who made a stink in her kindergarten class about coloring a Jayhawk - the famous mascot of Kansas University.

Her mother’s blog described the young girl’s encounter with her teacher: “Emma would not color this Jayhawk today with the rest of her class. She told me she would not color it. She told me she does not like KU and her family likes K-State. She asked me for a K-State picture instead but I told her this was her only option.

“She took the paper, crumpled it up and threw in the trash can. I asked her to get it out of the trash can and she told me no then refused to speak to me the rest of the day. I told her I would have to have a chat with you about this and she will need to color this tomorrow during recess.”

But why was the class coloring the Jayhawk anyway? It was a celebration of Kansas week for the state’s birthday, during which students learned about the state bird, tree, animal and, yes, the mascot of the state’s unofficial favorite college sports team.

Little Emma, though, stayed loyal to Kansas State. Once her mom was notified, Emma colored K-State’s Powercat and the Jayhawk and wrote an apology to the teacher for being rude (below).

She has since shot to Internet fame as the Kansas State president wrote her a letter and jokingly offered Emma a scholarship for the fall of 2025. Emma was also honored Monday night at Bramlage Coliseum when K-State faced the Jayhawks. She was named Fan of the Game and her colored Powercat was shown on the big screen.

Unfortunately, the Wildcats fell to No. 5 KU, 59-53.

Stay strong, Emma.

[Julie Burton’s Blog]

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