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Randy Moss Gets Wild on Ustream Chat


Randy Moss might have too much time on his hands.

The former Marshall and NFL star, who did not play in the NFL during the 2011 season, entertained everyone on Ustream on Monday morning with an online chat. And by entertaining, we mean acting odd while everyone watched.

Some of the topics hit on by Moss on the live video-streaming site: Myra Kraft (the late wife of Patriots owner Bob Kraft), a musical taste that included Young Jeezy and his old locks he now keeps in a bag.

That’s right, Moss has cut his mane, which for many years included his trademark braids. Check the photo below - courtesy of the Twitter feed belonging to Chris Littmann of The Sporting News - of the star wide receiver holding the hair in what looks to be a bag.

Oh yeah, and he also announced his intention to return to football: “Your boy is going to come back through here and play some football. I had a lot of things I had to adjust in my life.”

The only thing missing? Moss eating Vaseline like former Internet video star Stephon Marbury.


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