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WVU Billboard Remembers Bowl Rout


West Virginia isn’t going to let Clemson forget the 70-33 beatdown it exacted in the Orange Bowl last month.

Check the photo below of a billboard near Morgantown, WV, which says: “70 ... It’s not just our speed limit.” The numerals on the billboard are orange with the zero being an image of the actual fruit from the BCS game.

The West Virginia logo and what resembles an actual scoreboard screenshot of the final tally also are on the billboard.

But we’d like to give our own hat tip to CBSSports.com, which put it better than we could. And we paraphrase: If the Mountaineers are paying $20 million¬† - $11 million of which is coming directly from the school - for the right to leave the Big East for the Big 12 next season, maybe they shouldn’t be spending cash on billboards.

[Dr. Saturday]

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