Map Dissects USA’s College Fandom

In this election year, we know that you are going to get sick of maps and how each state breaks down. But we couldn’t resist showing you the United States of College Fandom, courtesy of CBSSports.com.

It’s pretty much as one would expect but still is pretty cool to look at. For example, we know that most of the fans in Iowa favor the Hawkeyes over the Cyclones and most fans in Texas support the Longhorns.

But there are a few surprises - like in Kansas, where the map suggests that a majority of the state - at least geographically - supports Kansas State over the Jayhawks. It should be pointed out, though, that the map is “mainly from a college football perspective,” according to CBS.

Michigan State also looks like it has more of the state than Michigan, and Boston College has all of New England (except Connecticut) - but we know that college football isn’t king up there.

There also are tiny specs on the map that almost are invisible, such as Utah State tucked in the top right corner of a state split in half with Utah and BYU fans. And there are little enclaves of Houston and Baylor fans in Texas and just a tiny speck in Florida for UCF fans among the likes of Florida State, Florida and Miami (FL) backers.

Take from this what you will, but enjoy the viewing.


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