VT Recruit Defects to ‘U,’ Coach Flips

Three-star linebacker Jawand Blue, formerly a Virginia Tech recruit, changed his mind Wednesday and will play for ACC rival Miami (FL).

Needless to say, the Hokies weren’t happy about it. The Twitter feed of the Palm Beach Post’s Matt Porter detailed the reaction of assistant Charley Wiles, who was informed of Blue’s decision over the phone.

The tweets were as Porter overheard that conversation between Blue and Wiles and the reaction ranges from rude to sad to pathetic.

Among the things Wiles reportedly told Blue were:

• “You lied to me.”

• “This doesn’t make any sense. I’ve never felt more betrayed or lied to.”

• “You want to go to a program that wins bowl games, a clean program, that dominates the ACC?”

• “It would be a blessing for you to go away for school. I promise. You’ve got homeboys here… We need you. We’re counting on you.”

We realize that losing a recruit on National Signing Day is a nightmare come true for college coaches but they really should maintain a level of maturity and dignity when dealing with teenagers picking a college - no matter the results.

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[Matt Porter on Twitter]

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