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Huggins’ Daughter Calls Xavier ‘B*****s’


Bob Huggins is now the coach at West Virginia and had nothing to do with the brawl between Cincinnati and Xavier at the end of the intra-city rivalry game that the Musketeers won by 23 points on Saturday.

But Huggins’ daughter, Jenna Leigh Huggins (below left), chimed in on Twitter: “Those b*****s from X start the fight and UC gonna get blamed cuz yancy busted someone…come on now”


We’re not shocked that Huggins’ daughter, who is a 2005 Cincy graduate and currently works for Huggins at West Virginia, still has some loyalty to the Bearcats despite her father getting fired there in ‘05.

But come on, Cincy’s Yancy Gates - whose punch cleared out Xavier’s Kenny Frease - had no business throwing that haymaker no matter what happened previously.

But maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that the fiery Bob Huggins passed some personality traits to his daughter.

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