ESPN Insider Lands in Hot Water Again - Lost Lettermen

ESPN Insider Lands in Hot Water Again


One would think that ESPN Insider learned its lesson from a May post in which it trivialized the death of Alabama offensive lineman Aaron Douglas by asking who would replace him at left tackle shortly after his death.

But ESPN Insider posted a story Monday by recruiting analyst Jared Shanker, who broke down how the Jerry Sandusky scandal - in which the former PSU assistant has been accused of sexually molesting young boys - affects recruiting.

Here’s a sample passage from the story: “Windsor (Colo.) High School four-star OT Joey O’Connor, one of two ESPNU 150 prospects committed to Penn State, was sitting at home Saturday watching college football when he saw Penn State’s name scroll across the ESPN Bottom Line. He didn’t like the news that would soon follow, but that isn’t affecting his commitment to the Nittany Lions.”

Clearly, there are much more important things going on right now than Penn State’s recruiting class.

The comment section in Adam Rittenberg’s post on ESPN’s College Football Nation blog - which linked to the post in question - is filled with unhappy commenters.

Consider the following from khr879: “Hey ESPN, maybe if you did some real reporting instead of writing idiotic stories like this one, this monster (Sandusky) could have been stopped 12 years ago.”

Or this one from Trak421: “Nice sensitivity espn….... < Tebow.”

Yeah, this could get ugly.

The May story about Douglas from ESPN’s Rumor Central caused the Worldwide Leader’s Rob King to apologize via Twitter. We wouldn’t be surprised if another apology was forthcoming.


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