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Minny Stadium Guard Fired for Hitting Fans


A stadium security guard at Minnesota’s TCF Bank Stadium was fired for hitting students as they rushed onto the field after the Gophers’ 22-21 victory over Iowa on Saturday.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that a cell phone video taken by student Bobby Krzmarzick was used as evidence after it was posted on YouTube. Check out the video below.

The newspaper reported that the instructions to the guards were to protect the “stadium’s assets” but not try to stop the students.

However, the dismissed guard reportedly was hit in the head, athletic department spokesman Garry Bowman told the newspaper, “and got angry about it and then started pushing fans down as they ran by him. He was way out of line and has been dismissed from his position ...”

We didn’t see the guard get hit in the head in the video but, even if he was, it’s pretty dumb to take out frustrations on innocent students running by.

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