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Syracuse’s Andy Rautins Living at Home


Kevin Durant is playing flag football and Chris Paul appeared on “Family Feud” during the NBA lockout. Former Syracuse guard Andy Rautins has just gone home.

A reserve for the New York Knicks, Rautins has returned to his parents’ Syracuse-area home and sleeps in his childhood bedroom while the owners and players haggle over big-boy stuff like Basketball-Related Income.

Rautins, technically, doesn’t need any income now that he’s living with his parents.

“It’s nice to get some home cooked meals up here,” Rautins said in a phone interview with Inside Hoops. “It’s nice because it’s a rare opportunity to spend time with family and friends. Normally, you’d been in a busy season by this time.

“But I’ve been trying to see the positives in (staying home) and there’s a bunch so far. It’s saving me a lot of money right now and I think that’s a big concern for a lot of players.”

The report said that Rautins may land an internship with the Manhattan firm of his financial adviser if the lockout drags on. For now, at least he has someone to do his laundry. Andy Rautins profile

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