High Tide? ‘Bama Title Favorite in Vegas


While the debate about the BCS Championship Game rages on - who will play in it? who deserves to play in it? - Las Vegas has it all figured out.

Oddsmakers have made the Crimson Tide the favorites to win the BCS title. One would have to risk $185 on ‘Bama to win $100.

The others odds are as follows, based on what you would win for betting $100, according to USA Today: LSU ($150), Arkansas ($500), Oklahoma State ($800) and Virginia Tech ($2,000).

The newspaper said that Stanford has a 2% chance of winning it, meaning that a $100 bet would net you $3,000, and Boise State has a 1% shot. Throw a Benjamin on the Broncos, and you would take home $8,000 if they were to win the national title.

In an unpredictable college football season, maybe it’s best to save your money.

[USA Today]

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