GIF Shows BCS Mess as ‘The Godfather’ - Lost Lettermen

GIF Shows BCS Mess as ‘The Godfather’


Many of college football’s top teams were massacred last Saturday. It was inexplicable. Well, we’ll leave it to LSU Freek to explain it as he always does - in remarkable GIF form.

Take his latest concoction below in which he depicts Saturday’s top 10 losing coaches - Oklahoma State’s Mike Gundy (with super booster T. Boone Pickens giving him a massage), Oregon’s Chip Kelly, Oklahoma’s Bob Stoops and Clemson’s Dabo Swinney - as victims of hitmen in “The Godfather.”

Of course, Les Miles - coach of undefeated LSU - sits pretty like Michael Corleone as the other “families” catch the brunt of it all.

A GIF is worth a thousand words.



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