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Georgia’s ‘O.G.’ Helmets Had Short Run


Georgia football helmets are known for their current oval “G” on the side, which has been part of the lids since 1964 and is identical to the Green Bay Packers’ logo but with different colors. Prior to that, the Bulldogs wore plain, silver helmets.

That is, except for three games in 1962, when a square “G” first appeared. The ‘Dawgs wore the original “G” on the side of their silver lids for games against Florida State, Auburn and Georgia Tech that season.

Georgia posted a 3-4-3 record that campaign, the second under coach Johnny Griffith, who lasted just three seasons in Athens.

Where did the design for the square “G” originate?  Well, Helmet Hut reported that Georgia football player Wallace Williamson, a fledgling artist, came up with the design while drawing in his dorm room.

Williamson doodled a bulldog - the same one used for UGA’s logo today - who wore a cap striped in the school’s red and black colors with a square “G” on the front, the website said. Helmet Hut said that the school then adopted the square letter similar to the Bulldog hat on a limited basis in 1962.

To be quite honest, it wasn’t a good look. Red on gray was a bizarre combination and the letter was really tall and square.

Just as quickly as the logo was implemented, the school went right back to the plain silver helmets the following campaign, which was Griffith’s last in Athens, before adopting a helmet similar to the current look in 1964.

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention that Georgia copied the current oval “G” look from the Green Bay Packers, who own one of the most-iconic looks in professional football. The Packers added a white oval “G” filled in with green on their classic yellow lids in 1961. Later that decade, Green Bay - already the winner of many championships - won the first two Super Bowls, making lids classic.

The Bulldogs have kept their red background with a black oval “G”  since 1964, only changing their color of their facemasks from gray to white and for a short period adding a black stripe to the top of the lid.

All in all, we think that Georgia’s helmets are one of the most-regal in college football, even if the original “G” didn’t pan out.

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