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ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi Confuses OSU, PSU


The coverage of the Penn State scandal surrounding ex-defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky has become so non-stop that it’s now absurd.

Consider the comments of ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi, who has been stationed in State College, PA, where he is staking out Penn State’s campus. While doing a stand-up in the below video, Rinaldi talks about the future of president Graham Spanier at Ohio State University - twice.

We know it was just a brain lock, but it might be the first sign that the round-the-clock coverage has beaten the reporters - on top of the story - into the ground.

Of course, the story has become big enough that CNN’s non-sports personnel are part of the coverage.  And the network is doing its best to, um, advance it by asking the following: does anybody know when Penn State plays next?

So glad they are helping.

[Dr. Saturday]

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