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Troy Smith Not Happy With Ohio State


The NCAA is expected to pile on Ohio State for its alleged wrongdoing under former head coach Jim Tressel. Former Ohio State quarterback Troy Smith has gotten a jump on it.

The 2006 Heisman winner didn’t sound like he had a lot of school spirit for his alma mater in comments to the Omaha World-Herald. Smith said that there is a darker story to be told about Ohio State football that has yet to come out.

“I want to tell the truth about what I think of my school, but the last time I spoke my mind, I got ripped for it,” Smith said, according to the newspaper.

But his feelings about the Buckeyes and how things work involving big-time college football in Columbus are pretty obvious. Smith spoke of the 2004 incident in which he was suspended for taking cash and the promise of a job from an Ohio State booster, saying that he was just shouldering the blame for others.

“To tell you the truth, it had nothing to do with a $500 thing between myself and a booster,” Smith said to the newspaper. “I took the rap for a lot of people so a lot of people wouldn’t get in trouble. But that story can’t be told unless I want to get back at a lot of people. I’m not that type of guy. Never will.”

Something tells us Smith, a 2007 NFL draft pick and current member of the UFL’s Omaha Nighthawks, is going to get prodded to be that type of guy. Troy Smith profile

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