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Vanderbilt Apologizes to Army Over Song


Vanderbilt was involved with another embarrassing postgame incident on Saturday.

One week after Commodores coach James Franklin got into it with Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham, Vandy had to issue an apology to Army for disrespecting the academy’s alma mater song.

It’s a matter of practice that opposing teams stay on the field and honor the song. But Vandy left its PA system on, drowning out the song, while its player left the field.

A letter for the purpose of apology was posted on the Commodores’ website and was addressed to “all of the men and women who attend and work at the United States Military Academy, their families, all graduates of USMA and their fans.”

Click the link below for the entire letter.

To be fair, we’re sure Vandy didn’t purposely disrespect Army or our country’s armed services. But it should have been aware of the tradition.

[Vanderbilt Athletics]

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