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Young Boy Sports Derek Dooley Costume


If Tennessee fans are looking for a Halloween costume, check the photo below of the cutest depiction of Derek Dooley one will ever see, courtesy of this Twitter account.

The photo is of a little boy with Volunteer-orange pants, a Tennessee sweater and even a mini-coach’s headset. But to make him look positively Dooley, the costume is complete with the Vol coach’s patented parted haircut.

Outkick the Coverage’s Clay Travis even spoke with the boy’s mother - no, not the actual Momma Dooley - who was happy to see her son’s costume gain attention.

“So excited that you love my son’s halloween costume!” the mom told Travis.   I couldn’t find orange toddler pants, or a T polo. So I rit-dyed some of his khaki pants, and found an iron-on T logo. I ordered a superman black vinyl wig, and borrowed my husbands xbox controller.”

This might even be better than baby Mark Mangino.

If you see anyone dressed as a devil in Knoxville this October 31, well, that’s a Lane Kiffin costume.

[Kegs ‘N Eggs]

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