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FCS Albany DE Succeeds With One Hand


Eddie Delaney is a fifth-year senior at FCS Albany, where the 6-foot-6, 250-pound defensive end has been on the radar of some NFL scouts.

That wouldn’t be noteworthy, except Delaney was born without his left hand and has battled diabetes since the first grade.

But Delaney - whose father, Ed, is a vice president of operations for the YES Network - has persevered and was named a captain at Albany this season. It also helped that Delaney grew six inches and gained 50 pounds during his college tenure.

But we think Delaney would have succeeded either way.

“...  I mentioned to coach how in every article it always said despite having one hand,” Delaney said in a story for Pantagraph.com, recounting a conversation he had when he was a freshman.

“I’m like, I appreciate that I’ve overcome things, but I’m the same football player as everyone else. I was the player of the week that week because I was the best rookie.”

The best rookie - with the most heart.


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