College Football Fan Takes Over Wall St.


Those Wall Street protesters are a creative bunch with their signs and chants. But not all of them are occupying Wall Street in lower Manhattan just to make a statement about our country’s sluggish economy.

Some just want to a talk a little college football. Actually, one guy does under the mantra of “Occupy Herbstreit,” a Tumblr blog playing off the name “Occupy Wall Street.”

Check out the pictures below of a man who seemingly got lost on his way to the “College GameDay” set, ESPN’s Saturday morning preview show that broadcasts live from the location of that week’s top game. During the broadcasts, rowdy fans hold up clever signs behind the set.

Now, our anonymous college football fan has brought that tradition among the Wall Street protesters by holding up similar signs - with a twist. His messages use college football analogies as commentary on the economy and the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Some examples: “Notre Dame thought Charlie Weis was Too Big To Fail;” “Mike Stoops and Locksley will be joining us soon”; “Our economy is crashing at SEC speed;” “If the mainstream media won’t cover us, maybe the Big 12 Network will.”

Which is your favorite?

[Occupy Herbstreit]

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Mike Stoops and Locksley will be joining us soon

Our economy is crashing at SEC speed

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