LSU’s Trent Johnson a Dodgeball Star

LSU coach Trent Johnson takes his dodgeball seriously, and those in his way - male or female - found that out the hard way.

Competing in the Maravich Maniacs dodgeball tournament on Tuesday for the second straight year, Johnson took no prisoners while firing at all comers - mostly, LSU students.

“Obviously at my age, you don’t have very many opportunities to come out meeting with the students and meeting with the ever-loving fun media when they’re not asking you however many questions,” Johnson said, according to ESPN.com. “I thought it was a great, great time. A great experience because we won!”

Yeah, Johnson - a former player at Boise State in the 1970s - is a bit competitive, but he also can put his money where his mouth is. Check out the video below of Johnson pegging a girl with great accuracy and then running away.

We think a still shot of Johnson sniping the young lady should go on the front of the Tigers’ media guide for the 2011-12 season.


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