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Steve Spurrier Banishes Local Columnist


South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier could never make our list of memorable coaching rants, mostly because he comes off as pretty chipper even when he’s obviously angry. He proved as much Tuesday.

Spurrier refused to conduct a press conference with The State columnist Ron Morris in the room. He started his meeting with the media by explaining his disdain for Morris, whom the coach said wrote something completely untrue six months ago. Spurrier denied a story by Morris in which the columnist said the coach “poached” Bruce Ellington from South Carolina’s basketball team.

The Ol’ Ball Coach said he doesn’t mind criticism directed at himself or his team, but Morris’ column was much more than that, according to Spurrier. Therefore, he has decided to shut out Morris.

Check the video below of Spurrier nicely telling the assembled media that he will do one-on-one interviews with TV stations in a separate room and will come back to speak with other writers - not Morris - also on an individual basis.

It’s really compelling video, especially since Spurrier goes so far out of his way to both disassociate himself with Morris while accommodating his peers - six months after the story was written.

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