1. Tennessee’s Citrus Curse

“You can’t spell Citrus without UT.”

As you can see, Spurrier was feeling especially cocky after the Gators’ 1996 national championship. At the very same booster meeting with the previous three zingers (apparently Jerry Seinfeld couldn’t have elicited more laughs than Spurrier that night), the Ol’ Ball Coach dropped this gem that is mentioned every single year before he faces the Vols.

There isn’t a Steve Spurrier quote that better exemplifies how much he owned UT than this one. Yup. The Old Ball Coach really knew how to get under Tennessee’s skin: By pointing out how often they ended up in the Citrus Bowl (three times in the previous four seasons).

Now 10-6 against the Vols all-time and heavily favored this weekend, who knows what Tennessee’s biggest bully has next up his sleeve?

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