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Brett Favre’s Troubled Siblings in News


The Favre family is in the news again - but not for anything related to Brett.

Both the brother and sister of the former Southern Miss and NFL star quarterback have had their problems. On Thursday, it was reported that Scott Favre received good news while Brandi Favre got the opposite. reported that Scott was pardoned by Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour - wiping clean his record despite a 1996 drunk driving incident that he plead guilty to the following year. A vehicle driven by Scott Favre reportedly was hit by a train, leading to the death of his best friend, Mark Haverty.

Brandi Favre (below) - who was arrested in Mississippi after a meth bust last year - has reportedly been sued by a couple that lives next door to her in relation to fumes emitted from the alleged lab in her home, according to TMZ.

The report said that a meth screening company found “widespread meth contamination” in their home. The couple was forced to leave the home for five months while it was restored, TMZ said.

This kind of depressing stuff makes us miss good old-fashioned Brett Favre comeback rumors - almost.

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